Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gumadikaya (Pumpkin) curry

This is one of my all time favorite. The curry is a little bit sweet but the chillies in it give the spiciness. So if you are not a person who relishes the sweetness in an Indian curry then probably you might want to check out other dishes. Now I am not sure what the name of the pumpkin is and whether you can buy the pumpkin in an American grocery store. But I cook this curry using the pumpkin pieces available in the indian grocery store. Next time I will try and note the name and update it here. This will be again approximate quantity.

Pumpkin - 1 medium size piece
Onions - 2
Green chillies -5
Tomatoes - 2
ginger & garlic paste - 1 tsp
Gud (Bellam) - 3-4 chunks depending on how sweet you like it
salt, chilli powder as per your taste

Urad dal, mustard, cumin, turmeric, curry leaves

Peel and cut the pumpkin into medium cubes. You do not want to cut it too small else they will get mashed in the process of cooking and you might end up with mashed pumpkin curry instead.

In a pan add oil and add the seasoning ingredients and let them pop. Add the diced onions, chillies and fry till golden brown. Add the tomotoes and fry them until they are cooked and the oil should be seperated. Add the pumpkin pieces and salt and allow it to cook by closing the pan with a lid. You can stir it a couple of times to avoid burning the bottom but dont overdo it.

When cooked add chilli powder and then add the gud(bellam) and cook for another 5 min. The gud should melt. Garnish with corriander.

Things to remember:
  • Do not over cook the pumpkin pieces
  • Do not mix it too often

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