Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dosa Recipe

This dosa recipe was so far the best recipe... My goodness the batter disappeared so quickly. Anyways here is the recipe

2 cups rice
1 cup parboiled rice
3/4 cup urad dal
3/4 cup poha/rice flakes
4-5 methi seeds

Soak both the rice together with methi. Urad dal and poha separately for overnight or atleast 6 hours. Grind the rice to a smooth paste and then grind urad dal and poha and mix together. Let it stay overnight to ferment. One trick that I learnt is ... if you mix a little with your hand for some reason the batter ferments more than if you mix it with spoon. So try it and the have fun!!!!

Update --- Well I tried to make idli's with the same batter and it was too good. First time my husband complimented saying it almost [ALMOST] tasted like my mother-in-laws .... which I think is a great compliment. So feel free to use this mixture for making a dosa too... but I forgot to add methi seeds this one time and the dosa came out comparitvely white than brown .... which was good for the idlis so if you want to make idli too skip the methi seeds.

Here are a couple of pictures I took later... my wet grinder and my dosa on the pan


Anonymous said...

i have the same wet grinder but when i put the dal in the beginning ,i guess i have a defective piece it flys out of the vessel i have a mess on the counter top ,window . it like i have more work to when i use this grinder same thing when i add the rice .so have to cover the top still creats a big mess
thank u

Try Out Cook said...

Yes I had the same problem initially too.. I thought I had a defective on too until my MIL told me to first put some water and start the grinder and slowly put the rice in it. This helped a lot. You might want to try the same thing too. let me know if that helped. I would still recommend putting the cover. I opened it for the picture.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your input , even the lid does not help much sinch it does not cover it tight the grinded rice paste that collects on the lid starts to drip out at rhe side so now i use the press and seal glad cover, make a hole at the center for the handle to close and more better way for a clean surrounding area thank for ur tip too i follow it

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