Friday, September 14, 2007


My husband wanted to eat chekkalu and got this recipe from my Ammama. Havent tried it out yet but will for sure. So that I dont loose the recipe, I am posting this here

Rice flour - 1/2 kg
Moong Dal (pesara pappu) and Channa Dal - a fistful (that was her direction, will update on how much I used)
Chillies -10 (depending on how spicy you need)
Butter - 10 gm (that seemed a little low, she actually said a small ball and when asked for measurement gave me this)
Curry leaves
Salt as needed mixed in water

She also mentioned some people add ginger but she prefers without it

Well mix everything and then make the consistency soft so that it is not sticky but not too hard. and then make small balls and then press with your fingers to get the chekkalu. Deep fry them in oil.

Well let me try this and update on how it came out later.....

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