Monday, August 13, 2007

Vermicelli Idli

I was bored with the regular idli so I searched online and found this recipe at Aayi's recipe site which I thought was really good when I made it. It tastes something like a Rava Idli but not really. I loved the taste. I am writing down the recipe as taken and tested from the Aayi's website.

A Couple of things I learnt or changed in the recipe.

I used Idli Rava not sure if that is same as Wheat Sooji as given in the recipe and I skipped the coconut from the recipe too. The more you let the batter soak the more tastier it is and also you should take care of the consitency. I had to try it a couple of times to get it right. If the batter is too thick you tend to get hard idlis. So Good Luck and Enjoy!!!!!!

1 cup vermicelli
1/2 cup rava(wheat sooji) 3/4 cup curd/yogurt
3-4 strands coriander leaves
2-3 green chilies
2 tbl spns fresh/frozen coconut
1 tea spn ghee
1/2 tea spn mustard seeds
A pinch baking soda
1/2 tea spn urad daal
4-5 curry leaves
A pinch asafoetida

Heat ghee and fry vermicelli and rava for around 5-6mins.
Add curd and keep it aside for around 1/2 an hour. If the vermicelli and rava soaks well, the idlis come out very soft. Add more curd if the batter becomes too dry.
Add coconut, salt, coriander leaves and green chilies (cut into small pieces).
Heat oil and add mustard seeds and urad daal when mustard starts popping and urad daal becomes brownish, add curry leaves, baking soda and a pinch of asafoetida. Add this seasoning to the batter and mix well.
Put the batter in greased idli stand and steam them.
Serve with chutney pitto/powder.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 20min

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