Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wheat Flour Tomato Dosa

This is a quick alternative to the traditional dosa. Have to credit my sister Jyothi for giving this recipe Approximations are used.

1 cup wheat flour
1 cup rice flour
1 cup sooji (upma rava)
3- chillies
1-2 pieces of ginger
3 tbsp curd

Blend the tomatoes in a mixture to make a paste (Do not use the canned paste please!). Add green chilies and the ginger also in the same mixer to blend them. (Saves the time of cutting them finely) Mix wheat flour, rice flour and sooji and then add salt according to your taste. Add water and the tomato paste and the curd until it forms a batter so you can make a dosa. The consistency of the batter should be the same as that of dosa. Keep this mixture aside for atleast 30 min. The longer the better. Once the batter is properly mixed then make the dosa as you would an ordinary dosa. Be careful it might be a little sticky than the ordinary dosa.

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